It takes a lot of effort to put on a golf tournament. To do that for 85+ years is a testament to the determination of all those who have helped keep this event going for so long. Here are the four people who presently do the work behind the scenes.

If you want to email the entire board, you can do so by emailing: If you have tech issues or things to do with the website email:


027 446 8700

Richard is the chairperson of the Devil’s Own Trust Board, and its longest serving present member. Offend him at your peril.

He is a past winner of the Devil’s Own Trophy (2004). As well as being a social media phenom, Richard is known as King Dick.

Julian Long

027 233 8277

Julian has been a member of the Devil’s Own Trust Board since 2006 or thereabouts. He started in an ex officio capacity tasked with creating a database and establishing a website. He has been trying since then to explain to Richard what a ‘meme’ is.

He has never won the Devil’s Own Trophy, but has convinced himself this will happen one day, maybe soon.

Michael Cochrane

027 895 5386

Michael put his hand up for his responsibilities in 2019. His present claim to fame is that time he presented prizes in his rugby shorts, showing off his chunky thighs.

He has never won the Devil’s Own Trophy, a book is presently being run on whether he could do it before Julian.

Alice Nunn

027 236 8034

Alice joined the Board in 2020, and promptly won the tournament that same year. She is only the third woman ever to have won the tournament.

She has since made it her task to try and attract more women to the event.