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We hate to boast, but you know it’s true. courtesy of COVID, our tournament turns 87 years old for the second time. And yes, it’s more popular than ever. Golf is cool. Haven’t you heard?

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Our champion golfer of 2022

L to R: Jordan Boyle and Elliot Maassen with their respective trophies.

Is Elliot Maassen. Elliot played superb golf all weekend and defeated Jordan Boyle in the final played on 25 September 2022 at a sunny Hokowhitu. A fuller report will follow soon.

Dates for 2023 Tournament (DO#88): Thursday 21 September 2023 to Sunday 24 September 2023. FUN FACT (for those in the know as to how you figure out when the DO will be held), this is the earliest the event will occur in September.