Welcome to the website of the Devil's Own Golf Tournament. The Devil's Own is New Zealand's oldest privately run golf tournament.

An invitation to the Devil's Own is extended only to past or present members of the New Zealand legal profession or the New Zealand judiciary.

Meet that criteria and want to come along? Then join up below...

Once you are in our database we will keep you up to date with the many and varied happenings associated with the Tournament.

Latest News

Our 2020 tournament has been and gone, and is officially the largest lawyer gathering held in person in New Zealand since the invention of COVID19.  

If you're longing for conferences, well take note.  AMINZ didn't do theirs, NZLS have basically given up the entire concept of organising a large social lawyer gathering.  The DO is, officially, the last remnant of legal "connection" in the country.  

86 years and going strong.  Want to be part of this?  Sign up now.


About the Devil's Own

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What they're saying about the DO...

Fiat justitia ruat caelum. Justice must take its normal course , even in abnormal times.

Kos P in SFO v ABD & DEF CA592/2020


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